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Trust and Estate Services

The FRB Trust Company is a devoted and well equipped trust and estate planning company and has all the expertise needed to be used in the role as independent Trustee.

Independent Trustee Services
  • Forming part in the management of the trust including but not limited to the following: sales of assets, immovable property sales and purchases, share sales and shareholder’s agreements. All trustees need to approve transactions by way of resolutions on agreements entered into, failing which could result in the transactions being void and invalid.
  • Involvement in all resolution
  • General meeting and signing of financial statements
  • Minimizing your risk as a trustee by assisting with the administration of the trust
  • Compliance with FICA by banks / attorneys
  • Participation in business decisions, meetings, signing of financials and applying our minds to fiduciary duties
  • Commissioner of oaths
  • Preparing and drafting of all resolutions
Trust & Estate

A Trust can be a very effective tool in ensuring your assets are protected against future attack from creditors as well as a tool to minimize Estate Duty. It is essential however that the trust deed is properly formulated and considers all current tax legislation. This will ensure that all the potential benefits of a trust are exploited.


  • Drafting of Trust Deed and all additional documentation needed for registration by Master of the High Court.
  • Registration of Trusts by Master of the High Court
  • Amendments of Trust Deed and Letter of Authority
  • Requesting of Trust Deed and Letter of Authority by Master of the High Court
  • Registration of local and offshore trusts
  • Complete Estate planning
  • Last will and Testament has to be set up incorporating the structure of the trust.
  • Life insurance must be calculated and a policy must be taken out by the Family trust on the lives of the trustees with the trust as the sole beneficiary
  • We can act as executor and administrator in the estate
  • We can act as liquidators and trustees in bankruptcies and insolvency matters
  • Administration of Deceased Estates
  • Portfolio analysis and investment risk assessment
  • Personal and Business Portfolio Restructuring
  • Introduction to FRB Trust Company (Pty) Ltd
  • Advice on Management of Trusts
  • Advice on Estate Planning
  • Advice on Last Will and Testament
  • Advice on Deceased Estates
  • Advice on Insurance Brokers and policies

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