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Tax Consulting Gauteng

What is the Role of Tax Consulting Professionals in Gauteng?

If you’ve ever wondered what the roles of tax consulting professionals in Gauteng is and what they can do for your business, you’re not alone. Too few companies and individuals are unaware of the many benefits associated with tax consultancies and miss out on a far less stressful tax season because of it. The most common and expected role of a tax consultant is that of a tax preparer. Both the corporate world in South Africa and many private South African citizens need help in preparing their tax returns.

It is indeed a valuable service offered by trained professionals who spent years qualifying in their field. Tax consulting in Gauteng will help you to avoid paying unnecessary and costly SARS penalties and fees for late and improper filings. Those who try to navigate the tax waters on their own can also miss out on valuable rebates and refunds from the South African Revenue Service because they are unaware that they qualify for these rebates.

Tax consulting in Gauteng can save a large corporation hundreds of thousands or even millions of Rands by preparing and filing all their SARS tax returns for them. Not only this, tax consultants can come in real handy during audits ordered by SARS. They will be able to answer many of the questions asked by the South African Reserve Bank’s officials and will help you to get through the audit unscathed.

Tax Consulting and Advising in Gauteng

Another important role of the tax consultant is that of a tax advisor. Their duties include advising on how to set up the business so that its structure is the most tax-friendly possible. They can advise on tax issues of when a partnership wants to incorporate or in the case where a sole proprietor would like to take on board a partner. They can also advise you on other issues such as taxes on real estate, trust services and gifts, allowing you to leave a lasting legacy for others that won’t be entirely absorbed by the government.

With so many branches of tax law available, it’s not uncommon for tax consultants to have areas of expertise. At The Beyer Group we strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive and all-inclusive tax consulting service in Gauteng. We have professionals who are trained and seasoned in the following tax disciplines, to the benefit of our valued clients:

  • Chartered Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Attorneys and Conveyances
  • Property Development and
  • Trust and Estate Planning Services

These areas of expertise are overseen by experienced industry professionals who work hard to live up to the high expectations placed on us by our clients and our industry.

Our tax and accounting professionals offer an extensive array of quality services designed to offer the best possible value to our clients and their companies. This includes performing monthly accounting work with management accountants and reporting on the financial statements of Close Corporations.

We can also provide you with tax registrations, tax advice and with the completing of personal and corporate income tax returns. With the tax landscape forever changing, one of our most popular services includes advising on the implications of income tax legislation. We can also take care of your tax calculations and preparations for IT12 and IT14s and the IRP 6 Provisional Tax Registrations.

These are only a few of the many tax services that have made us one of the leading tax consulting firms in Gauteng. Our dedication to providing a world class service to our clients is only matched by our commitment to excellence and we will work with you to ensure that your tax concerns are in great hands.

The team at The Beyer Group is not only extensively qualified in their respective disciplines but also have broad industry experience to fall back on. If you would like to learn more about our many tax consulting and other financial services and would like to discuss your needs in greater depth, contact The Beyer Group today. We are waiting to relieve the tax burden from your shoulders so that you can continue with doing what you do best, and leave the tax to the professionals.

Bookkeeping Services Pretoria

Tangible Benefits of Outsourcing your Bookkeeping Needs in Pretoria

Many small businesses choose to make use of outsourced bookkeeping services in Pretoria. Bookkeeping is a huge task for anyone from a non-finance background. Trying to make sense of a bunch of bank statements and invoices and making sense of all the data isn’t an easy task for any business owner. Every industry has its own specialised bookkeeping requirements.

Contractors, NPOs, retailers and professional service offerings all have to meet specific legal financial obligations. For many companies without the established infrastructure of in-house bookkeeping services it makes sense to outsource this task to professionals that specialise in your sector. Because these professionals specialise in bookkeeping services in your sector, they will know all the ins and outs of the laws and regulations regulating your industry’s financial aspects. This alone will save you a lot of money, time and hassle.

There are specific times in the year where there is a lot of pressure on a company to get their finances sorted out and audited for tax season and so forth. The rest of the year many small companies aren’t able to justify paying for an entire finance department to hang around. However, there is still the monthly financial administration like accounting and payroll which needs to be seen to.

If you intend to manage your own accounting and payroll, it means that you will need to invest in and build a sustaining team of accounts professionals. This will necessitate that you budget for high costs which includes salaries benefits, office space and technology, to name a few. Partnering with professional outsourced bookkeeping services in Pretoria will help you to steer clear of these costs yet still have all your accounting needs met by professional and competent bookkeeping services.

You will only have to pay for the time needed and you won’t have to invest in any infrastructure or spend any other overhead on gaining access to this specialist knowledge. For many companies in South Africa bookkeeping isn’t part of their core business offering. This means that spending the time and money in creating and managing an accounts team will affect your bottom line and will also eat into the time you have to spend on other core functions which generates income.

This is why so many businesses understandably try to avoid this by making use of bookkeeping services in Pretoria. By outsourcing all non-core activities such as bookkeeping, it will help you to reduce the time needed to be spent on people management and other administrative duties like interviewing, hiring and managing and training new employees which could take up a lot of time and resources.

Access to the Latest Innovation

The laws and regulations governing the financial industry in South Africa are constantly changing. It is necessary for any company to stay up to date with this changing landscape to make sure that they remain on the right side of the law. It can be quite taxing for a company to try and stay updated with all the latest developments. However, bookkeeping services in Pretoria make it their business to stay on top of all the latest developments in the industry.

They make use of cutting edge and advanced accounting techniques and systems to help them service their clients better. They also introduce innovative ideas and improve on work processes and delivery. Few other companies are able to invest the same resources, time and employee power to keeping an up to date in-house accounting department.

At The Beyer Group we provide our clients with the very best bookkeeping services in Pretoria. Our team of seasoned industry professionals are ready to provide you with all of the information you will need to make a fully informed decision about outsourcing your bookkeeping needs to true industry professionals.

For many years we have been working hard to provide a reliable and value-adding service to all of our clients. When you allow the Beyer Group to take care of all your bookkeeping needs you will have the peace of mind knowing that you’ve partnered with a truly professional company who has the best interests of your business at heart.

Contact The Beyer Group for affordable and expert bookkeeping services in Pretoria.

Bond Registrations Pretoria

Don’t Let Anything Go Wrong with your Bond Application – Trust Professional Bond Registrations in Pretoria

There are so many things that can delay bond registrations in Pretoria – postponements at the registration office or the tax certificate that shows that all relevant taxes has been paid on the property, to name a few. These are the things that can delay a bond registration and cause you to have to pay occupation rent on your property that could have instead gone into your bond.

There are certain steps that need to be followed in order to see a successful bond registration in Pretoria through to the end. This is where the services of a real estate professional can come in real handy. They know all of the pitfalls to avoid in order to help you see your bond registration through as soon and as painlessly as possible. Nothing can be more annoying or frustrating than having to wait far longer than anticipated for a sale of a property to go through.

Who are the Parties Involved in a Property Sale?

By knowing the steps involved in bond registration it will help to make the process much easier for everyone involved. There are specific parties involved in the sale of a property in South Africa. This includes the:

  • The seller;
  • The buyer;
  • The estate agent;
  • The transferring attorney – this attorney will be appointed by the seller to take care of transferring the property to the buyer’s name.
  • Bond attorney – usually appointed by the bank who will cancel the bond of the seller.

Under guidance of the estate agent the seller and buyer will come together and sign the Offer to Purchase, upon which time the buyer will then apply for a bond with a bank, should the buyer not have the cash funds to purchase the property in cash. The bank will then need to approve the bond and advise the bond attorneys of to go ahead with the bond registration in Pretoria.

After this step the seller will then instruct the transfer attorney to start with the transferring of the property. Cancellation figures and title deed is requested from the financial institution which holds the property’s bond and a statement of taxes and rates is sourced from the local municipality.

Following this, the bond attorney will contact the transferring attorney, informing them of the amount which is available for guarantee requirements. Upon receipt of a guarantee for the owning amount, the cancellation attorney will then be requested to cancel the seller’s bond. The transferring attorney will then be presented with the title deed and cancellation figures and provides a copy of the guarantee requirements and deed of transfer to the bond attorney.

The transfer attorney will then require the seller and buyer to sign the transfer documents. At this stage the buyer will transfer the transfer costs and the transfer attorney will pay the transfer duty and rates and taxes of the property. Now the bond attorney will be able to prepare the bond documentation together with the relevant account in order for the buyer to pay all the relevant costs and sign the required documents.

This is just a broad overview of how bond registrations in Pretoria works. There are many other elements that come into play and if you are unsure about any of it, it will stand you in good stead to rather opt going with professional conveyancers to help you see your bond registration through.

At The Beyer Group we aim to provide our clients with a holistic approach to all of their requirements. Our team of experienced attorneys and conveyancers will guide your bond registration in Pretoria through from start to finish and help to keep the transfer time to a minimum. This will also help you by limiting the time you are required to pay occupational rent on your new home.

Don’t be caught off guard with minor details that can delay the entire transfer. Leave it in the hands of the professionals to guide the bond registration through from beginning to end.

For those looking to learn more about our fantastic bond registration services or those looking to learn more about our other services like chartered accountants, registered auditors or property development and bonds and insurance, contact The Beyer Group today.

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